Below are few examples of my writing floating out there in hyperspace. There are others, I'm sure.


A co-authored 2007 op-ed on the FCC's continuing efforts to role back media ownership rules

A co-authored column on net neutrality

An article I co-authored on citizen challenges to TV license renewals that appeared in Z Magazine.

An op-ed I co-authored on citizen challenges to TV license renewals.

An editorial supporting the creation of more low power FM radio licenses.

An op-ed denouncing the FCC's new ownership rules.

My report on the anti- FTAA demonstrations in Miami.

An old think-piece on the New Party.

A report on the Minneapolis-St.Paul Living Wage Ordinance.

A guest column on political advertising in the Naperville Sun

Scholarly Writing:

A co-authored article critiquing Ron Greene's anti-Marxist version of "materialist" rhetorical theory

Janus Head article on the politics of cultural studies.

My review of Brian Jarvis' Postmodern Catrographies.

A link to a (pirated) on-line version of my critical essay on the film Se7en, originally published in College Literature.

Articles about The Mall of America, The Rouse Company and Gated Communities published in The St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture.









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