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Independent Media Center--IMC is a grassroots, global network of collectively run media outlets for the creation of radical, accurate, and passionate tellings of truth. The place to go for breaking news on politics, protests and the anti-corporate globalization movement from Indonesia to Brazil to St. Louis.                                                             

Alternet-- Online alternative news magazine provides a mix of reporting, opinion and investigative journalism on subjects ranging from the environment, the drug war, technology and cultural trends to policy debate, sexual politics and health issues.

Common Dreams--Breaking news from a progressive perspective.  Has great links to your favorite left-wing columnists as well as newspapers and magazines around the world.

Democracy Now--America's premiere independent broadcast news program. Award-winning investigative journalist Amy Goodman hosts the show that bills itself as "the exception to the rulers."

Inter Press Service News Agency -- Civil society's leading news agency, is an independent voice from the South and for development, delving into globalisation for the stories underneath. Another communication is possible.

BuzzFlash--A pro-democracy, anti-hypocrisy website featuring breaking news, daily headlines and weekly features of interest to people on the left.

COA News-- Current of Awareness News, a news portal with links to the best independent print, video and audio news from around the globe.

Rabble-- Canadian-based news, analysis and commentary from a progressive perspective. " News for the rest of us."

War Times--Weekly paper covering the "war on terrorism" and its damaging impact on democracy around the world. 

Jay's Leftist and Progressive News Links--Stories of interest to progressives culled from the world's newspapers and wire services. Especially interesting material on U.S. occupation of Iraq taken from Arab-language press.

The Guardian-- Liberal British paper.  A great source of international news and commentary. Head and shoulders above the main U.S. newspapers.

Le Monde Diplomatique--The place to turn for European intellectual commentary on world affairs. 

BBC-- Forget CNN, FOX and CBS, the BBC is the world's broadcast news service. Their reporting, while not without its problems, puts CNN International to shame.

The New York Times-- America's paper of record and , despite its clear bias in favor of officialdom, still producing the best daily journalism in the country.

The Chicago Tribune-- My local paper. The editorial page is to the right of Attila the Hun but the reporting has been getting better. 

Chicago Reader-- My local alternative weekly. Carries some nice investigative stories and some insightful cultural reporting as well as great movie, music and restaurant reviews. And Dan Savage's sex advice column, Savage Love, is always good for a laugh.

Third Coast Press-- Chicago's (online) progressive news source.

Robert Fisk-- The leading English-language reporter on the Middle East. His work is far superior to the misinformed garbage churned out by most American reporters. His coverage of U.S. military occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq is not to be missed. 

Greg Palast-- The ex-patriot American reporter who broke the story about Florida's illegal exclusion of thousands of African Americans from the voting rolls during the 2000 election. His reports on political corruption, wartime profiteering by Bush's pals and 9/11 should be required reading in every civics class in the country.

Occupation Watch-- Exposing the impact of the military and economic occupation of Iraq.

Electronic Iraq-- News about U.S. occupied Iraq from anti-imperialist, pro-peace perspective.

Electronic Intifada-- News about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from a Palestinian point of view.

Gapers Block-- a Chicago-centric news and events web publication. It contains a collaborative blog  (Merge), a calendar highlighting events you might not have heard about (Slowdown/Headlights) and a weekly feature (Detour), as well as a daily photo (Rearview), and a question to ponder and discuss (Fuel).

Black Commentator-- News, commentary and investigations about issues effecting African Americans.

Upside Down World-- News and analysis about Latin American politics and activism. A Project Censored award winner.

The Narco News Bulletin-- News about the war on drugs and democracy in Latin America.

Workers Independent News Service (WINS)-- A multimedia voice for labor that produces the U.S.'s only nationally syndicated daily radio news show about workers and union issues.

Labor Beat-- Locally-produced Chicago TV and radio show devoted to labor and labor perspectives on a variety of political issues. Worth checking out.

Joe Hill Dispatch-- A newswire service covering the labor movement and issues of concern to working people.

The Anti-Imperialist News Service-- News about U.S. imperialism around the globe. 

Newstandard--Nonprofit news site that hopes to provide investigative journalism and 24-hour coverage of current events. In the process of fundraising to expand their offerings.

Newsdesk-- Publishing nonpartisan, commercial-free journalism on the important but overlooked issues of our times.

Left News-- Canadian source for news and perspectives from a socialist/progressive point of  view.

Memory Hole--A website that posts government documents, FBI files,  pictures and information that officialdom would rather we not see. Was the first place on the web to publish pictures of the coffins of American G.I.s killed in Iraq being unloaded at Dover Air Force base.  Maintained by freelance investigative journalist Russ Kirk.

The Smoking Gun-- Another source for online government and police documents. A bit too focused on celebrity news for my tastes but occasionally posts some decent content. 

Women's E-news-- Online daily feminist newswire offers news and commentary including "outrage of the week" and a feminist cartoon.


The Nation-- Left-leaning news and analysis about politics, economics and culture from one of the oldest liberal magazines in the country.

In These Times-- Chicago-based progressive magazine of news and current affairs. Good source of reporting on the labor movement.

Z Magazine-- Critical analysis of U.S. politics and society. Their site has links to loads of valuable information about progressive politics, economics, foreign policy, third world liberation struggles and the women's movement.

The Progressive-- A journalistic voice for peace and justice that's carrying on the spirit of progressive Wisconsin politician Fighting Bob La Follette. Based in Madison, WI.

Tikkun-- Progressive Jewish perspectives on politics, culture, spirituality and peace in the Middle East.

Counterpunch-- Alexander Cockburn's political newsletter.

Monthly Review-- Nonsectarian socialist perspective on the news and the economy written in language ordinary people can understand. Co-edited by Robert McChesney. Their recent focus has been on imperialism and corporate globalization.

Next Left Notes-- The online journal of the new Students for a Democratic Society.

Strike Journal-- Online magazine put out by the Chicago Socialist Party.

Ms. Magazine-- The website for the nation's premiere feminist news and opinion magazine. 

Dollars and Sense-- Magazine devoted to "economic justice." Economic news, policy debate and analysis.

Left Business Observer--Incisive economic analysis from Doug Henwood, author of the excellent Wall Street. Nice links to on-line economic data and research tools.

American Prospect-- Liberal policy analysis and commentary.

Boston Review-- A Boston-based journal that sponsors print forums on important issues like media ownership, campaign finance reform, tax policy and crime.

Bad Subjects: Political Education for Everyday Life-- Progressive perspectives on the media, politics and pop culture. Heavily indebted to cultural studies, critical theory and new lefty ideas. Worth checking out.

Cold Type-- An online magazine that collects dissident opinion, commentary and feature articles from around the world and presents them in a convenient, printer-friendly PDF format. There're some real treasures here, including an excellent regular column of  media criticism by Michael Niman.

Labor Notes-- News about labor unions and labor struggles in this country around the world.

New Politics-- Independent socialist perspective on political issues of the day. Often features debates between noted left leaders and theorists.

Center for Public Integrity-- Investigative journalism that focuses on the ways corporations and lobbyists attempt to influence the government and the judiciary.

Socialism and Democracy-- Nonsectarian journal of independent socialist thought.

World Socialist Web Site-- Claims to be the most visited socialist site on the internet. Affiliated with the (tiny) Trotskyist Socialist Equality Party and the International Committee of the Fourth International. Often prints excellent, well written Marxist analysis of both politics and culture. 

Chicago Reporter-- Reporting on Chicago's poor and communities of color.

Utne-- Used to be called The Utne Reader. Reprints the best articles from a wide range of alternative media, though skewed towards environmental, food/health, cultural and lifestyle issues.

Mother Jones-- A solid source of investigative journalism and news. Generally progressive and usually interesting.

Open Democracy-- An online global magazine of culture and politics. Hosts some very interesting discussion forums and sets up rollicking debates on issues of the day between noted intellectuals.

TomPaine.Com--An online journal that seeks to enrich the national debate on controversial public issues by featuring the ideas, opinions, and analyses too often overlooked by the mainstream media.

Daily Review of Political Theory-- A comprehensive portal to political news, philosophy,  political theory, academic papers, book reviews and more.

Dissident Voice-- An internet newsletter dedicated to challenging the distortions and lies of the corporate press and the privileged classes it serves. The editor works as a researcher for Project Censored.

Left Hook-- A newly founded on-line journal for radical youth. Looks promising.

Links-- An international journal of the post-Cold War left out of Australia. Aims to unite Greens and socialists of various stripes. Interesting exchanges here between intellectuals like Alex Callinicos and Manning Marable.

The Humanist-- Applies a humanist outlook to contemporary social and person concerns. Always illuminating.

Toward Freedom-- Offers a progressive perspective on world events with a focus on human rights issues, the UN and the third world.

Retropoll-- We all know opinion polls lie, that their very wording can be used to manipulate respondents and that they often understate people's support for progressive political views. Retropoll is an independent polling group that asks the public the questions someone like me would want to ask and in the process challenges the corporate media's "manufactured consensus".

Logos-- A journal of modern society and culture. Edited by left-wing political theorist Stephen Bronner. Unpredictable while still radical and incisive.

Online Journal--Contains a wealth of progressive, anti-Bush essays and links as well as special reports on Cheney's corporate connections and the use of depleted uranium in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Truth Out-- A website devoted to getting the truth out about the Bush administration's assault on the environment, the poor and the rest of the world. Check out the 4-part series on the U.S. occupation army's attacks on journalists.

Voice of the Turtle.-- Online journal of left politics and culture. Nice collection of  reviews of recent books of interest to those on the left.

Yellow Times-- Alternative news and views, mostly about world politics, much of it culled from the international press.

A Spectre-- ... is haunting Europe. A radical magazine edited by a number of noted European leftists.

Public Resistance--An academic, peer-reviewed journal designed to expose the lies of the right.

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