Mediachannel-- A media issues "supersite" with loads of criticism including Danny Schechter's fabulous News Dissector Blog.

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting--National progressive media watch dog and publisher of the excellent Extra!

Project Censored-- Reports on the news that didn't make the news and explains why it got left out.

Columbia Journalism Review-- Mainstream magazine of news criticism.

American Journalism Review-- Another mainstream magazine of press criticism.

The Quill--A magazine for professional journalists that often includes critical commentary.

Cursor-- Fine Minneapolis-based site that regularly features criticism about the right's enormous influence on the national news agenda.

News Hounds-- The people behind the eye-opening documentary Outfoxed.  They watch the FOX network and assemble  damning evidence of their distortion and biases.

CNN Exposed-- A daily critique of CNN from a generally progressive perspective.

Disney Sucks-- Name says it all. Especially concerned about Disney's role in promoting hyper-restrictive copyright laws.

Losing Nemo-- Another anti-Disney site.

Media Matters for America-- A Web-based nonprofit that monitors, analyzes and corrects conservative misinformation in the media.

Rapid Response Network-- is a nationwide group of volunteers who are committed to maintaining a "national conversation" about core progressive values by responding to media coverage that contains errors or bias. .

Daily Howler-- Press criticism site whose motto is "reader beware!"

PR Watch-- Monitors the PR industry and their influence on the news.

Stay Free-- Magazine devoted to critically examining consumer culture.

Adbusters-- Exposing and resisting the insidious spread of commercialism and advertising in our media and culture. Great collection of spoof ads and other examples of "culture jamming."

Rocky Mountain Media Watch-- Organizes a regular study of local TV news around the country which, not surprisingly, finds that most of it is pure garbage.

TV News Lies-- Exposes TV news shows' declining journalistic standards and support for the established order.

About Face-- Monitors gender images in advertising. 

Bitch Magazine-- Feminist responses to popular culture and the commercial media.

Inkywatch-- Manufacturing Consent author Ed Herman's site monitoring The Philadelphia Inquirer for bias and deceptions.

Propaganda Critic-- Examines common propaganda techniques used by advertisers, politicians and governments. Includes short video clips of WWII propaganda films.

Transparency-- A fine collection of critical essays on media simulations, postmodernity and such films as Groundhog Day and The Truman Show

Clear Channel Sucks-- The name says it all. Dirt and dish about the chain that owns 1 in 10 radio stations in U.S. and controls 70% of the nation's live music venues.

Comcast Watch-- Keeping tabs on the country's largest cable provider. Chock full of stories about Comcast's lousy service and hatred for labor unions.

Palestine Media Watch-- Keeps track of the mainstream media's slanted coverage of the Israeli- Palestinian conflict.

Free Press-- Media reform group's site has links to some excellent media criticism.

GLAAD-- Monitors representations of gays and lesbians in the mainstream media.

Project for Excellence in Journalism-- Research and ideas for improving the quality of journalism. Rates TV news shows based on quality of reporting.

Young African Americans Against Stereotypes (YAAMS)-- Monitors the black image in the media.

Con Web Watch-- Analyzing and critiquing conservative Web-based journalism and commentary.

SCMS Caucus on Class website (test)



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