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Occupy Wall Street & Everywhere Else

Occupy Wall Street--The 99% fight back against the banksters and the plutocrats. One of the most creative and promising outbursts of protest in the country in years. And one that has single-handedly put the language of class back on the political agenda.

Occupy Chicago-- Chicago's own Occupy movement.

Occupy Naperville-- Yes, that's right, conservative suburban Naperville has an Occupy movement of its own. Has pledged to continue the protests until corporate dominance of our country and our lives has ended.

US Uncut-- Inspired by the British organization of the same name, US Uncut is "a grassroots movement taking direct action against corporate tax cheats and unnecessary and unfair public service cuts across the U.S." Allied with Occupy. 

Anti-War, Anti-Militarism Organizing

Dupage Peace Through Justice Coalition-- Local DuPage County peace group.

Dupage Against War Now-- Another local peace group.

Illinois Coalition for Justice, Peace and the Environment-- A network of social change organizations in Illinois, with the bulk of them focused on either the environment, economic justice or peace/anti-war activism. They have a fine calender with announcements for events, demos, etc. 

Chicago Peace Pledge-- Chicago-based peace group. Site features a useful calendar of area events.

U. S. Labor Against The War--Unions and union activists against the Iraq war and occupation.

Code Pink-- A women's group organizing against war and militarism.

United for Peace and Justice--National umbrella anti-war organization.

War Resisters League-- Pacifist organization that produces eye-opening critiques of the Pentagon budget and defense spending.

Not In Our Name-- "War on the world? Not in our name."Group pledges to resist the Bush administration's imperial ambitions at home and abroad.

AfterDowningStreet.org-- A nonpartisan coalition working to expose the lies that launched the occupation of Iraq (and the one that keeps it going) and to hold accountable its architects through impeachment.

International Action Center-- Information, activism, and resistance to U.S. militarism, war, and corporate greed, Linking struggles against war with struggles against racism and oppression within the United States. Founded by former U.S. attorney Ramsey Clark.  

Global Women's Strike-- An international movement calling for an end to war, an end to gender oppression and wages for housework. Their slogan is "Caring Not Killing."

Stop War on Iran-- Working to prevent the next war in the Middle East being planned by the foreign policy establishment. 

Stop the War Coalition-- The UK's largest anti-war organization.

Left/Progressive Parties, Movements and Candidates

Progressive Democrats of America-- A grouping of folks who supported anti-war candidates Howard Dean and Dennis Kucinich in the 2004 Democratic primaries. They want to drag the Dems back to their New Deal, populist, broadly social democratic roots. It may be a fool's errand but I suppose anything is worth a try at this point. 

The Green Party-- The fastest growing third party in the country, a progressive alternative to the Democrats and Republicans.

Democratic Socialist of America-- America's main democratic, nonsectarian, reform-oriented socialist group. They're not especially active and sometimes soft on the Democrats but have lots of members.

Solidarity-- Another  democratically-inclined, nonsectarian socialist group. They're a strong presence in certain reform currents of the labor movement (TDU, New Directions, etc.).

Independent Progressive Politics Network-- A coalition of progressive third parties and interest groups working to build alternatives to the two major parties.

International Socialist Organization-- A revolutionary socialist organization in the tradition of Marx, Lenin and Trotsky. They work on causes like the death penalty, gay marriage, and, of course, oppose war and imperialism. Arguably the best of the Marxist-Leninist groups, they can always be counted on for a cogent Marxist analysis of the current political situation (although their approach to electoral politics often leaves much to be desired) .

Moveon.org-- Organized to fight the right's move to impeach Clinton, this liberal-populist group engages in progressive "electronic advocacy" on issues ranging from the the Patriot Act to the FCC's deregulation of media ownership. They've also sponsored television ads attacking the Bush administration's lies about Iraq. Generally beholden to the Democrats but do take stands on important issues. 

Washington's Dirty Laundry (Information on Mainstream Politics)

White House for Sale-- Tracking the influence of private money on the presidential campaigns.

Open Secrets-- Tracks campaign financing and lobbying dollars in Washington. 

Maplight-- Traces the influence of campaign contributions on particular bills in Congress and the California and Wisconsin legislatures.

Follow the Money-- Keeps tabs on campaign spending at the state level. Want to know which corporations funded the election campaigns of your local judiciary? Look here.

Project Vote Smart- The place to turn for voting records, biographies and other information about individual politicians.

Sunlight Foundation-- "develops and encourages new government policies to make it more open and transparent, facilitates searchable, sortable and machine readable databases, builds tools and websites to enable easy access to information, fosters distributed research projects as a community building tool, engages in advocacy for 21st century laws to require that government make data available in real time and trains thousands of journalists and citizens in using data and the web to watchdog Washington."

Political Wire-- Breaking news, buzz and commentary about all things political from Taegan Goddard,  a widely published pundit.

Polling Report-- Opinion and tracking poll data.

National Council on Public Polls-- More polling data.

Pew Center for the People and the Press-- Another source of opinion poll information.

Program on International Policy Attitudes-- Tracking American attitudes toward U.S. foreign policy and overseas military interventions. Their research reveals a stunning degree of popular ignorance about the world around us and about U.S. actions abroad.

Democracy and Electoral Reform

Rootstrikers-- A nonprofit, nonpartisan network of activists fighting the corrupting influence of money in politics as the root of America's problems. 

Republic United-- Another effort to get the money out of politics. Headed up by Josh Silver, former executive director and co-founder of Free Press, the national media reform group.

Move to Amend-- A group that advocates amending the constitution as a way of overturning Citizens' United and curtailing the corporate influence on our political process.

The International Endowment for Democracy--New organization started to involve the rest of the world in the fight for democracy where it is needed the most: in the USA.  

Illinois Campaign for Political Reform-- A non-partisan public interest group that conducts research and advocates reforms to promote public participation in government, address the role of money in politics and encourage integrity, accountability, and transparency in government. Local partner of Alliance for Better Campaigns.

Center for Voting and Democracy-- Promotes proportional representation and other democratic electoral reforms.

Public Campaign-- Advocating for public financing of elections.

Citizen Advocacy Center --Elmhurst, IL-based non-profit, non-partisan community legal organization dedicated to building democracy for the 21st century through education, organizing and litigation.

Economic Justice

Global Exchange-- The source for information on the dangers of so-called "free trade".

Jubilee 2000-- Works for Third-World debt forgiveness.

Jobs with Justice-- Fighting for worker's rights.

Emergency Labor Network-- A network of "labor organizations and individuals united in support of a program calling upon labor to wage a more militant and robust fightback against the many assaults targeting working people"

Transnational Institute.-- An worldwide fellowship of scholar-activists working on poverty, marginalization, social justice, environmental quality and related issues. 

Labor Notes-- Information about the labor movement and labor struggles in the US and around the world.

United for a Fair Economy-- Education and organizing to reverse the growing economic divide between the filthy rich and the rest of us.   

Citizens for Tax Justice-- Promoting a fairer and more equitable tax code, one in which the affluent pay their share.

Inequality.org-- Analysis of the growing wealth and income divide and some solid ideas for correcting it.

CorpWatch--Holding corporations accountable for the damage they do to the environment and human health.

Global Policy Forum-- Monitors policy making at the United Nations, promotes accountability of global decisions, educates and mobilizes for global citizen participation, and advocates on vital issues of international peace and justice.

Focus on the Global South-- Engages in research, analysis, advocacy and organizing in opposition to the to the poverty-creating, inequality increasing, ecologically destructive dynamics of corporate-driven globalization. Currently attached to the Chulalongkorn University Social Research Institute (CUSRI) in Bangkok, Thailand.

Shack Dwellers International-- A global alliance of urban poor people's  organizations.

National Low Income Housing Coalition-- A group dedicated to achieving social policies that will allow poor and low income Americans to have decent homes. 

War on Want-- Fights global poverty and inequality. Works in solidarity with people in the developing world.

Oil Depletion Analysis Center-- Drawing on oil industry studies, documents the coming energy crisis and explains how it will impact the economy and our lives. Scary stuff.

Civil and Human Rights

National Organization for Women--The leading feminist political organization in the country. A tad too reformist at times but still doing important work.

The Feminist Majority--Working on women's rights here and around the world.

Global Sisterhood Network--International women's rights organization.

The Mothers Movement (online)-- A site devoted to resources for "mothers and others who care about social change". Especially interesting stuff on the maternal wage gap, reproductive rights, feminist parenting and the fight to preserve and extend family and medical leave.

MADRE--International women's rights organization with a focus women and families in the Third World. 

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force-- Working for the political advancement of gays, lesbians and other sexual minorities.

NAACP--Civil rights organization representing African Americans and other people of color.

La Raza-- Fighting for the rights of Hispanic-Americans.

Black Radical Congress -- Promoting a black liberation agenda for the 21st Century. 

The New Abolitionist Society-- A group calling for the abolition of the white race and white privilege.

Third World Network -- A clearinghouse of information on NGOs, human rights, sustainable development and progressive initiatives in the Global South.

National Lawyers Guild -- Defended communists and others targeted for their political views during the McCarthy era when the ACLU wouldn't. The bar for people's lawyers.

Amnesty International -- Leading advocate for human rights -- especially rights of political prisoners-- around the world.

Human  Rights Watch-- Another international human rights group. Issues an annual human rights report about every country in the world (and, lately, the U.S.'s record has been getting much, much worse).

Center for Constitutional Rights -- Protecting the rights of dissidents and the disadvantaged. Needed now more than ever.

Committee to Stop FBI Repression-- Organizing to combat FBI repression of anti-war and international solidarity activists. 

The Partnership for Civic Justice Fund-- " a public interest legal organization that brings a unique and cutting edge approach dedicated to the defense of human and civil rights secured by law, the protection of free speech and dissent, and the elimination of prejudice and discrimination." Filed the FOIA requests that revealed systematic FBI and law enforcement spying and violent crackdown on the Occupy movement. 

Defending Dissent Foundation-- A group dedicated to protecting and advancing the right of dissent in the US.  Evolved out of the National Committee to Abolish HUAC.

National Abortion Rights Action League-- Defending reproductive freedom, one cornerstone of women's liberation. 

Americans United for Separation of Church and State-- Despite what our current president may believe, the U.S. is a secular nation with a constitutionally mandated separation of church and state. This organization works to keep it that way.

Critical Resistance-- Resisting the growth of the "prison-industrial-complex".

The Sentencing Project-- For a saner, fairer, less repressive criminal justice system.

National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty-- It is time to end the barbaric practice of state-administered murder once and for all.

Drug Policy Alliance-- Promoting alternatives to the nation's current drug policies grounded in science, compassion and a respect for human rights.

Doctors Without Borders-- Bringing medical care to those in need around the world. Don't miss their report on the top ten underreported humanitarian stories of the year.


AAUP-- American Association of University Professors. It's stated purpose is " to advance academic freedom and shared governance, to define fundamental professional values and standards for higher education, and to ensure higher education's contribution to the common good."  The AAUP is the reason why some system for awarding tenure is now the norm in higher education in the US. 

NCC AAUP-- The North Central College chapter of the AAUP. 

The Project on Student Debt-- Raising awareness about the student debt crisis. 

Student Loan Justice-- A grass roots movement seeking the return of standard consumer protections to student loans. 

Occupy Student Debt Campaign-- Advocating a student debt repayment strike as a way to raise awareness about the debt crisis.  

Edu-Factory-- Is " is a transnational collective engaged in the transformations of the global university and conflicts in knowledge production." 

Foundation for Individual Rights in Higher Education-- A fairly conservative/libertarian group originally created to combat restrictive speech codes on college campuses, FIRE has done some excellent work standing up for the academic freedom and free speech rights of students, faculty and staff at colleges and universities around the country.  

Rethinking Schools-- Milwaukee-based group with progressive agenda for education, school funding and curricular reform. Focused on K-12. Nice collection of critical articles on vouchers and other right-wing education policy ideas.

DePaul Academic Freedom Committee-- A group formed by De Paul students in reaction to their university's decision to deny tenure to award-winning scholar and noted Israel critic Norman Finkelstein. 

Center for Campus Free Speech-- Works against state or administration sponsored restrictions on free expression on college campuses.

College Freedom-- A website about academic freedom and the threats posed to it by administrators and (usually conservative) politicians and political groups.

Radical Teacher-- Leftists in education from K through college. Useful pedagogical ideas and articles on curricular issues from a feminist, socialist, anti-racist perspective.

Workplace: Journal of Academic Labor --News and commentary about graduate student unions, the labor struggles of adjunct faculty and other issues of concern to academic workers. 


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