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About the Caucus on Class

The Caucus on Class is a recognized caucus of the Society for Cinema and Media Studies. Every year at the annual SCMS conference, we organize and sponsor panels, workshops and screenings that engage the way class and class struggle shape and are shaped by film and media. We also maintain a listserv dedicated to discussions surrounding class-conscious media scholarship and production.

Mission Statement

The Caucus on Class focuses on the ways in which formulations of the concept of class supply analytic categories and methodologies for the study of moving-image culture. The Caucus engages issues of class in economic, political, and ideological terms, and in relation to problematics of gender, sexuality, race, nationality and ethnicity. In so doing, the Caucus works to provide a forum for sustained critique of those methodologies that continue to dominate within moving-image theory and criticism even when and where it concerns itself with the (re)production and (trans)formations of social subjectivities, ideologies, institutions, and systemic structures of relations and practices.  The Caucus on Class inquires critically into connections between these general issues and the specific areas of film and media production, distribution, reception, scholarship, and pedagogy.  The Caucus is particularly concerned to critique these areas of film and media work insofar as they contribute to the perpetuation rather than the eradication of oppressive, alienating, and exploitative divisions along class lines.

Caucus Panels & Screenings at SCMS 2008 in Phildelphia

Red Coxes Apples

The Caucus sponsored six panels/workshops and six screenings at this year's SCMS conference in Philadelphia. Click here for the whole list. 

News: Caucus Condemns Bombastic Horowitz Stunt

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