SPC 113—TV Performance/

Cardinal Video

Tuesday 2-4 p.m., Pfeiffer 37


Dr. Steve Macek                                              Liz Spencer, director of operations, NCTV 17

Office Phone: x5369                                         Office Phone: 630-355-2124

Home Phone: 630-718-0836                            Cell Phone: 630-340-0568

Cell Phone: 630-995-6374                               E-mail: ebspencer@nctv17.com

E-mail: shmacek@noctrl.edu

Course website: http://stephen.macek.faculty.noctrl.edu/Courses/cardinal_video.htm

Office: Pfeiffer Rm. 40

About Cardinal Video

            SPC 113 will introduce you to basic video field production and postproduction/editing techniques.  Students enrolled in the class are members of the Cardinal Video video production club and are encouraged to work with the group even after they’ve mastered basic production skills. In this course, you’ll learn by doing—by working together to produce a magazine-format TV show, NCC Today, that airs on NCTV 17, Naperville’s cable access station. Our responsibility as instructors is to give you the training, equipment, advice and resources you’ll need to get the job done. Your grade for the class will be proportionate to the amount of time and effort you put into it and to how well you complete the tasks you take on.


There is no required text for the course. However, students are expected to purchase two 60-minute MiniDV  cassettes. They are available at Best Buy, Circuit City, Fry’s Electronics, Office Max  and other stores that carry digital camcorders and two should cost you roughly $10.

Expectations and Guidelines

¨     Attendance at Tuesday group meetings is required. (Note that some weeks meeting will be very short and some weeks we’ll also meet on Thursday).

¨     While this course generally adopts a hands-on approach, you are expected to read any handouts we give you.

¨     Do your best to learn how to use the equipment (cameras, mics, lighting gear, etc.) and be open to criticism and instruction from the instructors and your peers.

¨     Treat each other and the instructors with respect.

¨     Be on time for scheduled meetings, trainings and interviews. Finish your package(s) by the deadlines we set for you.

¨     Be careful with the equipment. Get used to checking and double checking your gear. Be sure not to leave anything behind at a shoot. Report any malfunctions or lost gear immediately to the instructors.

¨     Be prepared to attend one or more training sessions at the studios of NCTV 17. Also, plan to be on hand for the taping of the studio portion of the show.

Production Schedule for NCC Today


Week One.


Tuesday, January 4.


Screening of fall term installment of NCC Today

Explain how to produce news magazine show

Go over basic terminology

Review production schedule

Begin generating ideas for show

Divide into experienced/inexperienced groups

Elect officers for the club/complete registration


Thursday, January 6.

Camera and lighting bootcamp. For inexperienced CV students only.


Week Two.

Tuesday, January 11.

Getting good B-roll.

Research/Finding Experts.


Outlining stories.


Thursday, January 13.

Experienced students only. Refresher session on cameras. Critique of NCC Today.


Week Three.

Tuesday, January 18.

Story ideas need to be solid.

Break out in teams.

Draw up tentative list of stories.

Experienced students should be shooting B-roll and booking interviews.

Inexperienced students work with instructors to develop stories.


Week  Four.

Tuesday, January 24.

Check in/Progress Report.

Bring B-roll tape for screening.

Experienced students interviewing.


Thursday, January 27.

Editing demo (probably at NCTV17).


Week Five.

Tuesday, February 1

Everyone shooting interviews.

Logging and script outlining explained.

Experienced students should be logging footage. 


Week Six.

Tuesday, February 8

Check in/Progress report.


Logging/ experienced students can begin editing. 


Week Seven

Tuesday, February 15

Check in/Progress report

Inexperienced students should be logging and finishing up interviews.

Experienced students should be editing.


Week Eight.

Tuesday, February 22

All packages need to be in editing.


Week Nine.

Tuesday, March 1

Taping intros and outros at NCTV.

Continue editing.


Week Ten.

Tuesday, March 8.

Finish editing.

Show bumped together.


Week Eleven.

Big premier of finished show.