<Week Six>

<Week 6>

Tuesday, April 30.  Wired Politics

Reading: Chapter 6 and Afterword in Jenkins.

Cass Sunstein, “The Daily We: Is the Internet a Wonderful Development for Democracy? “

Thursday, May 2. Wired Politics Continued. Will the Revolution Be Blogged/Tweeted and YouTubed?


Melissa Wall and Sahar El Zahed, “’I’ll Be Waiting for You Guys’: A YouTube Call to Action in the Egyptian Revolution.”

danah boyd, “The Power of Youth: How Invisible Children Orchestrated Kony 2012”

Ethan Zuckerman, “Unpacking Kony 2012”

Clay Shirky, “The Political Power of Social Media”

Maclom Gladwell, “Small Change: Why the Revolution will not be Tweeted”