<Week Four>

<Week 4>

Tuesday, April 16. Virtual Communities Continued/Social Media; Introduction to Ethnography of Virtual Communities


Danah Boyd, “Friends, Friendsters and Top 8: Writing Community into Being on Social Network Sites”

Danah Boyd and Nicole B. Eliison, "Social Network Sites: Definition, History, and Scholarship"

Hugo Liu, “Social Network Profiles as Taste Performances “

 Optional Extra: Listen to Jennifer Golbeck discuss web-based social networks on the Podcast of NPR's Diane Rehm Show.

Thursday, April 18. Ethnographies of Virtual Community (Continued); Online Identity (meet in computer lab).


David Bell, “Chapter 9: Researching Cybercultures” in An Introduction to Cyberculture Routledge, 2001. (On Blackboard)

Julian Dribble, “A Rape in Cyberspace”

Sherry Turkle, “Who am We?”

In-Class Exercise: Visit Lamdamoo

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