<Week Two>

<Week 2>

Monday, April 4.  The Wired World We Live In…//The Era of Convergence; The History of the Internet

Reading: Introduction in Jenkins.

Center for the Digital Future, The Digital Future Project: Surveying the Digital Future Year Thirteen (2015). Read “Surveying the Digital Future—Year Thirteen” (pp 10-14), “America on the Internet” (pp. 14-32), “Communication Patterns” (pp.   “The 2015 Digital Future Project: Trends and Issues” (pp. 161-163) and browse the rest of the report.

FCC’s History of the Internet

The Internet Society’s Short History of the Internet


Hobbes’ Internet Timeline

Power point slides: A Very Brief History of the Internet.

Wednesday, April 6.  Internet History (Continued); Google’s Rise to Power.


Wikipedia entries on “Browser Wars” and “Search Engine”

Siva Vaidhyanathan, “Render Unto Caesar: How Google Came to Rule the Web” and “The Googlization of Us: Universal Surveillance and Infrastructural Imperialism” from The Googlization of Everything. (On Blackboard)





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