<Week one>

<Week 1>

Tuesday, March 26.  Introductions: Overview of the course

Thursday, March 28. Setting up the course blog; All about the course wiki; Basic HTML: The Nuts and Bolts of the Web; Creating Web Pages with Kompozer. Set up Home Pages (meet in computer lab).


GCFLearnFree Blog Basics (especially 1 “Introduction to Blogs,” 3 “Developing your blog”  and 4 “Choosing a blog service”)

Sitewizard’s How to Design and Publish Your Website with Kompozer.


How to Create a Blog on Blogger

Try your hand at: W3School’s HTML Tutorial (skip the sections on “HTML Frames” and “HTML Forms”; you can stop at “HTML Fonts”)

Handout:  Guidelines for your SPC 260 Blog